Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic Pollution is out of control

Safety testing for some existing broadcasted signals including WiFi has not been adequately performed and there has been inadequate testing for intended signals such as the new Digitial TV signal that is 250 times stronger than the analogue signal it replaces. The whole world is in the process of swapping to Digital TV whilst ignoring the health warnings that scientists and Doctors are giving.  There are many other sources of electromagnetic pollution including those inside every household.

Despite assurances from those who stand to gain massively from the introduction of this technology, and Governments who also stand to make substantial revenue from licences and taxes etc too, there is lots of, and mounting evidence that peoples' health is being affected.  Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is a recognised medical condition now affecting approximately 35% of the population and expected to rise to 50%+ over the next few years. Some people are already significantly disabled with EHS.

There are ways the public can empower themselves through knowledge to put pressure on authorities to have stricter safety levels. Realistically this problem is unlikely to go or even slow down in the near future. People must take responsibility for themselves, their family and pets now. If you act quickly to take the necessary precautions you will minimise adverse health effects that can lead from sleep disorders and fatigue to terminal cancers in severe cases.

This website gives you that information at varying depths of science so that hopefully everybody will understand the message.  There are also suggested solutions you can use to help yourself to cope with this modern pollution and to improve and maintain your health as much as possible.  This message will only spread by people talking about it and telling their friends. Please share what you learn.

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